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'An Investment in Excellence'

Training with Kate is an investment in excellence. Excellence is what her clients invest in too. Excellence is what she delivers instinctively, technically, creatively and consistently. The insight and learning she delivers takes the value way beyond the price tag!

- Nikki, Wedding Training

'You have restored my faith, confidence and passion'

Firstly, it was an absolutely magical day which taught me so much. You were very patient and explained things so clearly, it all immediately made sense! The knowledge you’ve learned over the years was so freely given, I cannot thank you enough. After the bad experience from another training course, you have restored my faith, confidence and passion to create pictures which simply show people in love.

You told me the things we covered would take a few days to ‘drip feed’ into my memory, you were not wrong about that either!

I can’t thank you enough, you have had a massive impact on the kind of photographer I want to be.

- John, One-to-One

'So pertinent to my business'

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge THANK YOU for your amazing training session on Friday!
It was so pertinent to my business and it gave me lots of moments of the penny dropping!
I came away on such a high and you have enabled me to have more focus on where my business is going.
You were so generous in your knowledge, making me really question the way I shoot and style, it's given me a real kick up the bum!

- Amanda, Lifestyle and Portrait Training

'More Than I Expected!"

Kate and Becky,
I can't thank you both enough! Today's training was more than I expected! I felt as though Kate covered every area with such great detail. A lot of things clicked into place and I know as with all my training with Kate that from now and months down the line I will continue to remember and learn and broaden my knowledge. Many, many, many thanks

- Tammie, Group Training - Winter Wedding Lighting

'Fantastic teacher'

I was really excited to hear Kate was going to offer a mentor programme which I have now signed up for. I think its a brilliant idea for growing photographers to gain a little bit of extra support and advice from an expert in the field for different areas of your business. Kate's a fantastic teacher and someone I really admire so I am looking forward to the next 6 months...

- Nikki, Mentoring Programme

'I can’t recommend a 1:1 training session with Kate enough'

Earlier this month I had the amazing opportunity to have the extremely talented boudoir photographer Kate Hopewell-Smith for a 1:1 training session. I met Kate at the SWPP convention in January when I attended her inspirational talk on boudoir photography and knew that I wanted to learn how she creates such beautiful lighting in the locations that she photographs and also the respectful tone in which she captures boudoir.

It was fascinating to watch Kate assess the location and decide where we would shoot and how she could direct the light to create pools of lighting to flatter the subject. Repeatedly throughout the day Kate would point out how the light was hitting the subject and the same thing that I was looking at would completely transform and I would see in a whole new way. While our first model was getting ready we looked at some post production and Kate was so generous with her knowledge. I can’t recommend a 1:1 training session with Kate enough. The hands on nature of the day completely tailored to what I wanted to learn has dramatically changed how I see and will continue to photograph. That evening I went to a pub for dinner and could see the people that were sitting in beautiful evening pools of light and those that were not – it’s like a light switch has been turned on and I’m so excited about it!

- Marissa, One to One

'If you have never been on a training day or days with Kate you are missing out'

If you have never been on a training day or days with Kate you are missing out on one of life's great pleasures not only does she have a fantastic eye and an understanding of light and colour she is a fabulous communicator and willing to share all her knowledge. She will inspire you and it will be fun

- Jonathan, Group Training Day

'I am simply so fired up and excited'

“Kate thank you, thank you, thank you! I actually missed three turn offs to services this evening and nearly ran out of fuel because I am simply so fired up and excited from my day with you! I can't wait to sink my teeth into boudoir. Thank you again for such an inspiring and relevant course.”

- Julie, Seductive Boudoir

'I learnt SO much'

Totally Fab! I learnt SO much and it was a lovely, friendly environment!

- Vikki, Group Training - Winter Wedding LIghting

'Inspirational and supportive'

Kate as always has been so generous with her knowledge - Inspirational and supportive. I really feel motivated to take my work and my business to the next level now.

- Gemma, Group Training - All About Weddings

'Exceptional training'

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for an exceptional training day! I had such a great time – it was fun, informative and I am so pleased with all the new tips and tricks that I can put into my business!

- Nicola, Lifestyle and Portrait Training

'Truly inspiring'

“Kate I really enjoyed the training and can’t wait to put it into practice. Thank you so much for a lovely day. Truly inspiring.”

- Tamryn, One to One

'Learn so much'

“Just wanted to say a big thank you again for all your help today. It was an absolute honour to be able to sit with you and learn so much, and I really appreciate your input and guidance over and above the post-production training.”

- Michelle, One to One

'HUGE thank you'

“A belated but HUGE thank you for a wonderful training day last Tuesday. I found the day so inspiring and learnt so much, mostly to take more control over every aspect of my shoots and I am really pleased with some of my pictures. Onwards and upwards as they say, so much more to learn but I am loving every minute! Thank you again and I hope to see you soon.”

- Alex, Group Training - Kids

'A fantastic day'

“Many, many thanks for today. It was a fantastic day and we feel inspired, our heads are brimming with ideas. We have a wish list of equipment and software add ons, lots of notes and hopefully a few nice images!”

- Catherine and Liz, Two to One

'Most helpful training I can remember having'

“A huge thank you for all that did yesterday, it really was the most helpful training I can remember having. I feel encouraged and scared at the same time, but this is a good thing.”

- Julie, Group Training - Kids


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your honesty and inspiration on Friday. It's invaluable to hear you tell it like it is and be open about what works and doesn't in your business.

For me, my biggest gain will be taking control of the shoot and feeling that I'm getting the kind of shots that I want and creating images that I will love and clients will too. That, and looking for the light and keeping the clients in the loop about what I'm doing and why.

- Karen, Lifestyle and Portrait Training

'I think you've completely revolutionised the way I view things.'

I think you've completely revolutionised the way I view things.

Best. Training Course. Ever! Thank you again.

I will be in touch for more 1-2-1 training as soon as I am able

- Michelle, Group Training - All About Weddings

'The best I have ever been on'

Many thanks for such a superb training day on the subject of Posing Couples. As an experienced photographer I needed fresh ideas and inspiration. I found this in bucket loads from your training. Your enthusiasm, generosity of knowledge and genuine interest made this course the best I have ever been on. You are passionate about photography and this totally shines through" I would recommend any level of photographer to come to you as they will find knowledge, new ideas and be inspired from spending a day with you!

- Stephanie, Group Training - Posing

'I will never look at lighting in the same way'

Thank you for everything. I can't wait to put what I've learnt into practice and I know I will never look at lighting in the same way. I felt before I was a bit stuck in my ways with shooting weddings and everything was starting to fell a bit samey so thank-you for the creative inspiration! I've learnt so much.

- Emily, Group Training - All About Weddings

'Exceptional Trainer'

Had a mind-boggling two days learning so much more than I ever anticipated. Kate is an exceptional trainer and i'm looking forward to putting into practice what she's taught.

- Michelle, Group Training - All About Weddings

'Exactly What i Wanted'

This was exactly what i wanted and as usual it was simply explained and delivered with good humour. I am looking forward to your next course already!

- Jonathan - Group Training - Winter Wedding Lighting

"I feel a lot more confident to use additional lighting now"

I enjoyed the day and learned so much. A lot to take in and some new purchases to be made before my first winter wedding next week! I feel a lot more confident to use additional lighting now and even if it's raining, I'll be more confident to try group shots and even B&G portraits indoors. I've been on a wedding lighting course before but to be honest I didn't learn enough practically and I know I can always count on Kate to deliver training in such a way that makes it a lot easier to understand. As always, Kate is so willing to share her knowledge and experience. Thank you so much!

- Jade Osbourne - Winter Wedding Lighting

You explain things so simply

I thoroughly enjoyed today and got SO much out of it. I'm still nervous about my winter wedding but it's a knowledgeable nervousness rather than a throwing myself in at the deep end nervousness!!! You explain things so simply it makes me wonder how I didn't work it out myself and that's a real skill!

- Louise Rogers, Lighting Winter Weddings