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Full of energy and charisma

It was the speed with which her web site loaded which made me look into working with Kate; Sitting on the beach in Spain and becoming increasingly frustrated with my own web site I resolved to contact Kate once we were home. I guess I had reached the 7 year itch stage with my business and had become disenchanted with it. Kate injected the energy and enthusiasm which had been dormant for a while. She enabled me to understand the basics about branding and how I could apply them to my business, helping me to realise that the brand had to reflect me and only me. Coupled with assisting me to achieve a recognisable brand she explained how important it was to keep developing as a photographer by regular doses of training, exposure to new ideas and photographers, to keep my work fresh and my business evolving. Kate’s own business background gave her the knowledge and insight she has been able to use to great effect in her mentoring; The social photography industry is hugely competitive and Kate’s input has given me an edge which I didn’t have before. She is kind, dispassionate about giving you the advise she thinks will help your business, full of energy and charismatic, she exudes an infectious confidence which has had such a beneficial effect on my business, particularly in my dealings with clients and helping me deliver the right product, at the right price to the right people!

- Suzy Mitchell

If you’re reading this, book some training with her - you won’t regret it

Half way through doing Kate’s 2-day intensive wedding workshop last year, I realised I needed some 1-to-1 time to address more specific issues I had. I really clicked with Kate and her extremely personal approach so didn’t hesitate to book in for 6-months of mentoring with her.

Whatever issues you bring with you – whether it’s shooting style, kit/ technical, confidence issues, business advice, development etc, Kate gets straight to the nitty gritty. She’s was totally hands-on from the get go, delving straight into the nub of things leaving no stone unturned. Kate’s extremely warm, open and engaging and really takes the time to understand you and your business issues, tailoring her advice and training to meet your specific needs. No holds barred - she’ll tell you as it is.

We started with a really thorough portfolio review and critique – not just the nice edited portfolio sets, but the raw stuff so Kate could see exactly what and how I was really shooting! Then we looked at my shooting style and developing it, evolving my business and most importantly for me, branding and marketing – how to define and target the market that was right for me. Kate really knows branding & marketing inside out and opened my eyes to how important it is to get it right (and how easy it is to get it wrong!!). I did a complete rebranding with her and her team, which was an incredible process and it’s made a huge difference to my business and confidence. Kate’s infectious enthusiasm, hard working approach, genuine desire to raise standards and help others improve their photography is clear to see. If you’re reading this, book some training with her - you won’t regret it.

- Mona Ali

You will not regret it

12 months ago I decided I needed to change the way I ran my business. I wasn't earning enough and my brand was confusing, so I contacted Kate, and underwent her 6 months of mentoring. During those 6 months I evolved and rebranded.  There were moments when I would say to Kate" are you sure? " or "will people pay that?" but in the end I trusted her completely.  12 months on from that first meeting and 6 months after I finished my journey with Kate I can hand on heart say it was the best thing I have done for my business.  I have just had my best month on record and have made 10 times more than I did this time last year. .. my average sale on newborns and portraits is 5x what it was.. If you are thinking about mentoring with Kate. .. do it now!!  You will not regret it.

- Frances Stephenson

I can not recommend Kate enough - she is amazing

Kate started being my mentor shortly before I left the UK to return home to New Zealand and has continued while I have been in NZ.  We covered a variety of topics, including sales, marketing, my website, feedback on my brand, preparing for a shoot, lighting, critiquing my images and pricing - we probably touched on almost every aspect of my business at some point.  I can not recommend Kate enough - she is amazing, she not only has a gift for Photography she has a gift for training.  After every session I had with her I had such a buzz, full of inspiration, ideas and motivation.  It did not make any difference that I was in a totally different time zone and at the other end of the world, in fact it probably made me more organised to ensure that I made the most of Kate’s time (every minute is valuable) - we even shared images whilst we were talking on the phone or via Skype.  I strongly believe in learning and growing - and with that in mind, I will continue to ask Kate to be my mentor.

- Wendie Bowie

Simply wouldn't have the business I do now without your guidance and support

Thank you so much for mentoring me - I have loved every minute!  You have been so generous in giving me the opportunities you have and I simply wouldn't have the business I do now without your guidance and support and for that I can't thank you enough.  You inspired me the first time I  met you and since have always been so encouraging and empowering.

And then she sent this to me a year later:

I just wanted to drop you a line to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me so much empowerment and knowledge.  I’ve just come home from the most exhausting wedding I’ve ever done, but looking through my pictures, I am so proud of what I did today and feel I’ve stepped up a gear!  I couldn’t have done that without the benefit of your wonderful training.

- Clare Butler

My business has changed massively...

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday and in fact for the last year of mentoring. The second I met you I knew you were perfect for me!

My business has changed massively over the last 12 months and you've got me to a safe place where I can nurture and grow.

- Faye Cornhill Photography

Shining a light in the right direction

With some other training I've attended I've come away learning about someone else's style of doing things. Trying to do the same just doesn't work because we aren't that person or style. With Kate it is different: I come away still feeling like me, except a stronger better me. Stronger than my silly inner critic anyway! Kate listens to me and sees my style, or the grounding of, and then adds her worthy advice to build on it; shining a light in the right direction. I leave a meeting with Kate understanding the areas I can grow in as well as those I can leave behind but importantly I also go away with more energy and zest to progress than I even had before.

- Sainte Croix Photography