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To me the word ‘mentor’ suggests an ongoing role of advisor or guide and we want to be able to offer intensive 1to1 training which is ideally delivered over a period of time to ensure that we are able to help you grow in confidence and knowledge.

The individual mentoring that we offer is specifically aimed at photographers who already have a business and are struggling with certain areas - for some the focus will be very much on improving technical and lighting skills and for others it might be much more about business development (pricing, positioning, marketing and business practice). As it turns out most of the businesses that Kate mentored directly under her photography business went through a re-branding process. As a result we now work very closely with a brand designer who really gets it. 

Mentoring can be booked on an hourly basis or you can book longer periods at a reduced rate.  Exactly how you use the time is up to you, some people like prefer to learn face to face whilst others benefit more from frequent communication on email, skype or phone.   You can ask any of the core team to help with your needs - covering all aspects of the Foundation Programme Module content, portfolio reviews etc.

Due to our weekends being committed to weddings/portrait shoots we schedule the mentoring sessions on weekdays.

Mentoring Rates:

1 hour = £150

6 hours = £876

8 hours = £1,144

12 hours = £1,680