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As the name suggests one to one training is about you and being able to offer an individual and intensive training experience that is quite different from group workshops.

You set the agenda for the session to ensure that the training is entirely relevant and specific to your requirements.  For some people it is very technical and focuses on photography skills gaps like metering, lighting etc and for others it is much more about business (marketing, pricing, positioning and business practice).  Have a look at our 6 month Training byLUMIERE Foundation course modules for an overview of the kind of areas that you can choose to focus on.

If you specifically want a portfolio building shoot in your session I will need 4 weeks notice to book the necessary models and there may be additional costs incurred.  Due to my weekends being committed to weddings I schedule the one to one training sessions on week days.

Full Day Session Fee


Half Day Session Fee



If you felt that you needed additional support following the session you can purchase time on a Credit basis.