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I have been training photographers since the beginning of 2011 and find it an incredibly rewarding experience.  During this time I have gained a strong reputation for having an honest, open and generous approach to passing on the knowledge that I have acquired and developed to suit my shooting, editing and business style.  Have a read of the Testimonials page to see how photographers have benefitted from training with me.

Lifestyle photography is a very popular choice for a career switch because it promises creativity and flexible working hours.  It certainly looked like an attractive choice for me when I was considering my options for returning to work after the early years of motherhood. Becoming a photographer was the one of the best decisions of my life but the journey to success was one of hard work and unsociable hours.  Almost daily I am contacted by photographers asking for advice and I have always endeavoured to get back to people despite the fact that it was taking me away from my family and much needed sleep!

In April 2016 I co-founded a new, independent, company called Training byLUMIERE which consists of a small core team connected to a large network of industry partners. We are a company crafted from a set of strong values and a desire to provide intimate, supportive, training to fill the knowledge and confidence gaps that really matter.  We strongly believe that knowledge lies at the very heart of confidence in a skills related business like photography. 

Training byLUMIERE is offering an alternative experience to the traditional education system for those interested in a professional career in photography.  

Critically we are different because the team are active and current in the industry – shooting, marketing and selling to customers every day.  We know first hand the ups and downs, the successes and the failures and we will share all this with you in an honest yet supportive way. 

At the heart of the offering is a 6 month intensive foundation programme designed to fast track your development into both a confident business owner and professional photographer.   You will not only have access to the Training byLUMIERE team but also a large network of industry partners who will help you build and deliver a business to be proud of. 

Outside the core Foundation Programme we will also be providing day workshops, 1to1 training and mentoring which have been developed to fill specific business and technical knowledge gaps that are common to photographers.  Please visit the website for detailed information on the foundation modules and workshop content (links can also be found under Group Training on this section of my site).