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In this digital age there is still a very important place for bespoke portraiture and I believe it is more important than ever to capture unique images with emotion and impact that will last a lifetime.  As a photographer it is people, and all their infinite differences, that fascinate and inspire me. My obsession with image making has always been based on a desire to capture an individual's essential character in a beautiful yet honest way and show how families love and live.

This is not easy to do, yet something that I have a reputation for achieving because I take the time to get to know you. It is very important that shoots are relaxed and real, in a setting that allows you to feel comfortable and be yourself.  You should view me as the vehicle to bring your vision to life - for some this will mean very natural, outdoor images with a timeless quality.  Other families may prefer an indoor location, with dramatic lighting and a fine art feel.  Successful people photography is all about teamwork - the more we colloborate the more individual your shoot will be. I have photographed families all over the UK and even in beautiful places like Venice - location is very important and I'm always prepared to travel if it means more interesting and inspiring backdrops. 

Take a look at the Children & Families section within Galleries to see the kind of locations that I have worked in and how careful thought about where we shoot, clothing and props can really make the images ones that you want to frame and celebrate as a piece of art at home.

On the day of the shoot I ask you to put aside a few hours because portrait photography shouldn’t be rushed if you want it to be a genuine reflection of the people involved.  Before the shoot we will have discussed location possibilities and the importance of clothing – particularly what doesn’t work well on camera.  When I arrive I like to have a cup of tea, get to know the individuals better and look at your location and outfit ideas. Then, when we are feeling relaxed and ready, we will spend a couple of hours taking photos - I don't have a 'plan' but let each shoot evolve naturally according to the light and location.  Very few people like the thought of having their photograph taken – but all of my clients are greatly relieved by the fact that they actually enjoy the experience.   Probably the greatest skill a people photographer should have is the ability to put people at ease.  I’m totally confident in my ability to do this for you and your children – whether they are unpredictable toddlers or self conscious teenagers.

I'm passionate about what I do. And passionate about giving you something totally individual. I'll do my very best to provide a great experience, fantastic service and photography that looks and feels like art.

And I have two kids. That's really important because I have learnt that I have far more patience with yours than mine!

Find out more about how my clients feel here and keep up to date with recent shoots on my blog or Facebook page.