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With Brent's primary love being film it was no surprise to me that he began to capture moving footage alongside stills when he was on wedding and portrait shoots with me. In recent years there have been amazing developments with DSLR cameras and you can now shoot beautiful film which looks exactly like the stills professionals produce.   Whilst shooting moving footage requires many of the same skills as photography there is also a huge learning curve involved – particularly in the art of editing – a highly complex process that has storytelling at the very heart of it.  Whilst i have learnt to film with Brent he is soley responsible for all of the editing and grading of the films we now produce.

At the beginning of 2017 we launched a new venture called Photography, Film and Air byLumiere and developed a luxury destination brand which offers all three disciplines - either separtately or as a complete package depending on the event or commercial brief.   Please do visit the website for more information

We view the role of film differently to that of stills and believe both play a vital role in capturing memories.  For example here you can see how complementary the two formats are when shown together – here are some highlights from a family shoot on location in Venice.