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Named as 'One of the UK's finest boudoir photographers' by the editor of Professional Photographer Magazine, my work is described as stylish, fine art and editorial in style.  There are many different styles of boudoir which often means that women are not quite sure what to expect.  It is something that I love to photograph and am well known for in the industry – for creating stylish and beautiful imagery that reflects designer lingerie brands.  My work  is a long, long way from the world of ‘glamour’ in style and tone.   I have also photographed lingerie and swimwear commercially and am happy to consider lingerie model portfolios.  

But now back to the very real, wonderful women that I love to celebrate.  Who books a boudoir photography session?  Brides for their husbands to be, women turning 40 or those who have something to celebrate or self esteem to reinvigorate.  It’s something every woman should do once in her life and whilst the thought of it may be daunting the experience is fun and liberating.  If you are looking at the boudoir gallery thinking 'they are models or I can't look like that' you are wrong.  All of the women on there cannot believe it is them and are so proud of the images that they were happy for me to share them.  My job is to make YOU look your most incredible - you just have to trust me and let me direct the session. I’m passionate about what I do.  And passionate about giving you something totally individual.  I do not work to a formula but let each shoot evolve naturally so that the images reflect you and what you want boudoir to be.  After all every female body is wonderfully different and I'm going to show you what is utterly gorgeous about yours.  But don't think I won't take beautiful portraits too - those are a very important part of a session.  You might love 'light and airy' or 'dark and sulty' imagery - it is important that we chat and collaborate to craft the results you want. I always advise you to consider having your hair and make up done by a professional and I work with a handful of trusted, talented women who will make you look and feel amazing. 

Most sessions take place at my home in North Bucks where I have decorated rooms specifically for boudoir and invested in some beautiful furniture and accessories to ensure the imagery is stylish and editorial in feel.  However you may prefer to host the shoot in your own surroundings or even in a fabulous hotel somewhere. 

I have a very detailed boudoir document that will give you information on what to expect, preparing for the shoot, faqs and pricing so please get in touch via the website contact form or send me an email to ask for a copy to be sent to you.  Be brave and you might just have an experience that changes the way you see yourself forever. Women arrive feeling nervous but excited and they leave transformed and full of confidence - it is one the most rewarding aspects of my job to see the remarkable power of boudoir photography.  If you want to know how people feel afterwards then have a read of these words - written by women (or their partners) after a boudoir shoot.

Brides to be may well find some popular questions answered in this Wedding Ideas article on 'Everything you need to know about wedding boudoir photography'. I tend to share recent work on my intstagram page which is dedicated to boudoir and you can find me @boudoirbykhs 

We have filmed this behind the scenes video of a real boudoir shoot to try and show you what to expect from the shoot, the location etc. I really hope this goes some way to expressing what a fun, liberating and for many truly transformative experience a boudoir shoot is: