About Me

Hello and thanks for taking the time to look at my work. I hope you can see that I love what I do - which is all about the unique combination of the craft and the people. People like you who appreciate the value of great photography.  Storytelling lies at the heart of what I offer but I also want to create stand alone images that will be loved and cherished for your lifetime and beyond. 

My favourite subject at school was art and back then my medium of choice was oils.  I studied History of Art at degree level and now when people describe my work as 'artistic' I couldn't be happier.  Following graduation I always worked in creative industries - TV marketing, fine art publishing and brand design. I looked after the clients, ran the projects and helped the team create and deliver a vision. Then I moved out of central London to raise my children - studying photography in my precious down time - but loving every minute of it.

I cut my teeth taking pictures of my children, then my friends' children. I was asked to shoot a wedding and finally I listened to those close to me and decided to set up my business. There has never been any doubt about my speciality, my photographic passion - and that is photographing people. And I'm convinced you can only do this successfully if you enjoy making connections and building relationships. It matters to me. I want to give you something individual and personal by taking the time to know you a little.  Or we do - because it is very important to introduce you to Brent - he is my partner in life and also a co-director of both our training  and destination businesses. Brent often shoots photography alongside me but his core skill and love is video and aerial filming and as a result we recently launched our new destination brand www.bylumiere.co.uk

I often get asked now what I most enjoy taking pictures of and I honestly can't restrict it to just one genre. Without doubt I adore working with children the sheer energy, joy and innocence of childhood is something I will never tire of. But equally I feel blessed to be able to capture the intense love between a couple on their wedding day. And I truly believe that the work I do with women and boudoir photography is a gift, both to me and most importantly to the women I see so positively transformed by the experience. As a result boudoir is something which is very precious to me.  I have also discovered how much I enjoy training and mentoring other aspiring photographers - sharing the love of this wonderful, frustrating but ultimately rewarding art.  In 2016 I launched a new photography education initiative called Training byLUMIERE which offers an alternative experience to the traditional education system for those interested in a professional career in photography.

In May 2015 it was announced that for the second year running I was one of only 5 Nikon Ambassadors in the UK - a brand that I am very proud to represent and I hope to inspire others to turn a hobby into a business.   I have written monthly columns and features for every UK photography publication and been published on numerous blogs.  What does all of this mean?  That you are in safe hands – which is actually quite rare in an unregulated industry.

It has been great to discover the kind of photographer I want to be. One who wants to give you something a little bit different, more considered, more unique if you will. So if that's what you are after then get in touch and let's work together to create something special.  I don't shoot hundreds of weddings a year because I want to give 110% of my energy and creativity to each couple I am lucky enough to work with.  As different as all of my couples are they all have a love for photography in common and usually consider it to be an important element of their wedding day as a whole.  If you are planning a destination wedding then our luxury Photography, Film and Air byLumiere business is definitely where you should be finding out more: www.bylumiere.co.uk.

Finally I hope you will also get to meet Becky. She plays the very important role of Studio Manager ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. We met because she was one of my brides in 2012, so if you want to talk to someone about how I work and how it feels to be photographed by me you can give her a call. 

As important as it is to give you a sense of who I am I would much prefer to have a chat with you on email, skype or the phone so please get in touch about possibly working together to tell your story and create some memories.   The short video below was my first foray into filming alongside Brent and shows our little blended family of 6 - a slice of our story and memories that we can share with you.