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I have chosen to work with Folio and Queensberry for my album presentation. Please click here to view a full album design.

Folio albums are made in the UK designed by photographers for photographers. I love their beauty and simplicity and Folio wanted to create something that would show my clients' images in all their glory, as works of art that they and future generations could still enjoy in decades to come.

Queensberry albums are made in New Zealand and are recognised as being the best in the world for wedding photography. In the brand's own words they are ‘driven by the desire to create treasured objects to reflect and express people's memories - exquisite, bespoke, handmade photographic albums. Every album is a unique collaboration between photographers, artisans, designers, technicians and the art of storytelling itself. Our handmade albums are treasured around the world for the memories they evoke and the stories they tell.’