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'I will treasure the memory of our day today'

Just wanted to say a BIG Thank-you for your time, patience and energy today. I had an absolute blast, and felt fantastic. You have a great way to put people at ease. I love what you achieved to make me look and feel really special. It was a real treat.

My boudoir pictures still blow me away ... It is redefining how I think of myself.

I will treasure the memory of our day today as one of my special adventures. Thank-you for making it so.

- Edwina, Boudoir Shoot

'She understands what women want'

Kate is able to achieve, with just the press of a shutter, a kind of magic with her images. But it's more than just craft, she understands what women want, how they want to feel in the images - as if she is looking into you. It's an incredible talent and gift.

- Adam Scorey - Editor, Professional Photographer Magazine

'Something every women should do!'

I wanted a Boudoir shoot as a surprise gift to my husband on our 10th wedding anniversary. Not only was it a wonderful gift for him but the best thing that I had done for myself since getting married.

I booked a boudoir shoot with Kate - because she is the best in the business and she also has a very friendly personality that makes you feel at ease instantly. This was very important to me for this type of shoot. The experience, from getting prepared to viewing the images has been absolutely fantastic. It was the push I needed to get my body in shape (best shape its been since before children), I purchased some stunning lingerie (which I have never owned) and then I got to be the star on the day of the shoot.

Having a stylist is an absolute must. I was transformed. Kate gives great direction while making you feel very at ease - you get to relax and enjoy the experience and finish on a high. The images themselves are absolutely stunning - they blew me away, there was not one that I didn't like. Kate is not just about the shoot but on making sure you get best of what you are trying to achieve, for me this included suggestions on presenting the gift which helped immensely (I would have got it so wrong otherwise).

Results: Wow - I look glamourous and sexy and my husband loved the images. Now the difficult task for my husband - which ones to choose for the album and which to choose for the wall. Even my daughter said Wow Mummy is that you?

- Wendy

'I got all of this and so much more'

"Before I came I was looking for something to boost my self worth after a pretty difficult personal time and find that part of me that believed in me. I wanted something to look at daily that would keep reminding me who I was. I actually got all of that and so much more. What I didn't expect was the huge boost to my confidence and self esteem. I don't think I could have done anything else that would have done the same in such a short space of time. It quite literally reset my clock and I haven't looked back since!"

- Andrea

It's done more for my confidence than anything else in the past 10 years'

"I surprised myself about how much I enjoyed the shoot itself and without a doubt it’s done more for my confidence than anything else in the past 10 years."

- Anji

'I want to do it again'

“At the grand age of 43 it was something that I had never thought of until I met you, and my first thoughts were if I don't do it now I never will. I wanted to remember my figure as it is now as its only going to get worse the older I get. I have lots of pictures of me with clothes on but never imagined that I would take my clothes off and have stunning pictures taken, I thought it was something that only super models did. It made me feel very special, sexy, womanly, really confident and also to love my body which like most girls we have hang ups. But now I feel so much more relaxed and happy at the way I look.

I loved the shopping trips that I went on and it made me experiment with underwear that I would never ever look at. It was a huge build up to the day with you and I loved every minute. Being so pampered with hair, makeup and having you take the most gorgeous images of me was incredible - I want to do it again. I really think that every girl should have boudoir taken at some point in their life and at the age I am now is even more important as after having children you do feel a bit like you have had your good days and its all down hill from now on. I don't feel like that any more”

- Anna

'Thank you, thank you, thank you'

“Two months on and I am still smiling every time I think about my pictures. And of course seeing my beautiful frame in the bedroom reminds me how I can look on the days that I don’t feel quite so gorgeous. Just wanted to let you know that I am back out on the dating scene again – my confidence has improved so dramatically and I am looking forward to what lies ahead for the first time in years. Thank you, thank you, thank you”

- Sophia

'I don't know what to say Kate; I wish I could do something to show how grateful I am'

The pictures are just amazing Kate. Ever since I saw Boudoir, and we spoke of it, I kept on dreaming of being captured that way, and I still can't believe I actually did it! And I can only say that my feeling seeing the images reflects the feelings I had on that day: I was very happy and enjoyed it even though I felt a bit clumsy initially. And it was especially fun being with you.

I love all the pictures. I don't know what to say Kate; I wish I could do something to show how grateful I am for this

- Sarah, Boudoir Shoot